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1. out of the ordinary; unusual

2. remarkable; exceptional

The Uncommon Scribe is the home of David Parry, writer, humorist, wordsmith, essayist and ink slinger extraordinaire.  

After a lifetime of writing for friends, colleagues and his own amusement, David felt he could no longer deprive the world of his talents and thus The Uncommon Scribe was born.

Over the years, David has written for websites, magazines and created a wealth of content for the company that - until recently - he worked for.  All of which resides at the wry end of the spectrum. There are few subjects that aren't made more readable by the injection of some humour.

If you'd like David's help with anything - social media, website copy, emails - basically anything that involves rearranging words into a pleasing order, then please do get in touch.

Contact David at to see how he can help.

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